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Elric of Melnibone with Stormbringer !

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Elric of Melnibone with stormbringer fanart

Elric of Melnibone with Stormbringer!

I was working on previous painting of a Vampire, enjoying the way it was coming up, when I realized I had no pieces about Michael Moorcock’s universe. So, just in the phase of letting the lady rest out of my brain for a couple of days, I started this one. And dude, two pictures I’m happy until the end in a row! Now I have an Elric of Melnibone on my bag.

A joy to paint this Elric fan art.

It was long ago when I read the Elric books, and even more from the Eternal champion, Erekosë, ones. I have some not quite pretty cover editions… they are indeed really lame. Nothing like Vallejo or Brom classics, sadly. Therefore, I made a quick research on roleplaying book covers, books, and comics for good references. With those on my side desktop I started this pic as another practice piece on the eternal battle against strong values and bizarre colours. 

As I said, I’m quite happy with the result. While I’m writting these lines at least. Hope you like it and remember you can reach me through my CONTACT page, for any biz related stuff!

Have a nice day!