Call it gallery, call it portfolio... fantasy and science fiction pics anyway.

Here're some samples of my digital painting works. So, watch the display or navigate pictures below. 

From fan art and personal works to some commercial fantastic or sci-fi pieces for customers, here is a small sample of the kind of pics I paint.

Remember you can reach me for commissions through the Contact page

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Red dragon Hexxen 1733 spy scene Retrieveing parts post apocalyptic pic Elric of Melnibone with stormbringer fanart Vampire lady Fantasy Angel study Nicol Bolas MTG fanart Jinx Lol Fanart Blood Moon Evelynn  LoL Amazon legacy Cover Heavy gear pink Elf ranger Cyborg samurai Cyborg angel rat Classic Demon Nezumi Lady Demon elf Heart on hand Warrior Angel Bone face Drow elf Cyborg falling Desert necromancer Dragon pixie Matte yoroi Hexxen1733 demon horde Hexxen1733 Chain demon Hexxen1733 Child Matte elf Matte witch dagger Matte Oni Matte witch Woman spy ROBOT JUNKyard Rokurokubi Enchanted sword Dice man