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Looking to commision a pic?

Looking to commission a pic for your game or book? have any other questions or business proposal? Use this contact form!

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i want a painting of my character…

Whether you want a pic for your DnD character, a novel you wrote is in need of a cover, or perhaps you are someone in charge of a game art dept… You can reach me through the contact form here. I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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Got a small FAQ section inside “About me” too.
And like I wrote there, I’ll write it here as well: no-free-collaborations.
There are some sad stories behind this rule…

Kamyu’s Contact / Social media

Or… Reach any of my social media accounts and dm me. Your choice. 

Contact, Contact Kamyu

Now that I mentioned those TTV streams, you can watch live and past painting sessions on real time. Showing full workflow and answering any doubts followers asked on chat or Discord. Join us there! You’ll always be welcome!! (This is currently on hold. Some issues must be solved before coming back to the big T)

Contact, Contact Kamyu