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legend of the five rings card
L5R Return from Shadows
Concrete cyberpunk oc
Cyberpunk OC2
Butcher of the Fallen L5R card
L5R Butcher of the Fallen
Vraska fanart
Vraska MTG
Elric of Melnibone with stormbringer fanart
Elric Fan Art
Yennefer of Vengerberg, The Witcher Fanart
mononoke fanart
Mononoke Hime
Concrete cyberpunk oc 1
Cyberpunk OC
A bunch of demons hEXXEN1733
Hexxen1733 Demon horde
Hexxen 1733 spies
Hexxen1733 Spies
Saber Altria fanart
Saber Altria
Post apocalyptic future
SciFi Junkyard
Red dragon
Red Dragon
Miss Fortune fanart league of legends
Miss Fortune

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Kamyu digital illustration
illustrationKamyu digital artworks


A place to show and share my artworks:

Fantasy,  Science Fiction and Horror Paintings and Concepts, made for private customers, book authors, Publishers and game companies. And some personal works I made, just for fun or for educational purposes on my Twitch TV channel!


In this Kamyu Digital Illustration portfolio, you’ll find artworks (no kidding), links to my many social network accounts and a contact form to reach me and ask about any doubts on how to hire my painting services. Don’t hesitate to write me with your questions about my workflow.

If you came here, maybe you have an OC you want to bring to life, a loved roleplaying character you want to remember, or your book/game needs cover or inner art

Elric of Melnibone with stormbringer fanart

Current commission status is on sidebar Menu, as well as latest Instagram uploads. There I post more sketchy pictures, work-in-progress stills, some studies,  and streaming session results. Not so fancy, but the place for some more daily works, that not-so-public side of art life.


Latest Blog entries

Now that I mentioned those TTV streams, you can watch live and past painting sessions on real time. Showing full workflow and answering any doubts followers asked on chat or Discord. Join us there! You’ll always be welcome!!

Kamyu digital illustration

I’ve also made a short about me page showing some of the people I’ve worked for right now or on previous projects and a bit of background. No long text inside; a couple of lines will do the trick. So, enjoy your stay! 

PD: I’ll try to keep Kamyu Digital Illustration updated as much as I can. And it’s possible it changes a bit over time, since I’m constantly working on its looks. 😉

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