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Digital Painting & Concept Art

Brujah Vampire Woman

Kamyu’s site on internet. Creating Fantasy,  Science Fiction and Horror paintings and Concepts. As well as Illustrations for private customers, book authors, publishers and game companies.

I’ve also made a short about me page showing some of the people I’ve worked for, right now, or on previous projects, and a bit of background. No long text inside; a couple of lines will do the trick. So, enjoy your stay! 

sheenaz The Witcher

In here, you’ll find artworks (no kidding XP), links to my many social network accounts and a contact form to reach me and ask about any doubts on how to hire my painting services. Don’t hesitate to write me with your questions regarding my workflow.

If you came here, maybe you have an OC you want to bring to life, a loved roleplaying character you want to remember, or your book/game needs cover or inner art

In addition, if you’re looking for some samples of my work for companies or IP’s, (Fantasy Flight’s Legend of the Five Rings, Ulisses Spiele Hexxen1733 and Fading Suns, even Mynet’s Legend of the Cryptids) you can watch some of them ….

A vampire lady entering a blood pool

From fan art and personal works, to some commercial fantastic or sci-fi pieces for customers, here is a small sample selection of the kind of pics I paint.

Finally, remember you can reach me for commissions through the Contact page. 

Kamyu´s Latest Blog entries

TTV streams, there you can watch live and past painting sessions on real time. Showing full workflow and answering any doubts followers asked on chat or Discord. Join us there! You’ll always be welcome!! (Currently work and health issues are in the way of streaming. I’ll get back to it when I’m able to)

Red dragon companion by kamyu

PD: I’ll try to keep Kamyu Digital Illustration updated as much as I can. And it’s possible it’ll change a bit over time, since I’m constantly working on its looks. 😉