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Vraska fanart from Magic the Gathering

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Magic the Gathering Vraska fanart

Another fanart, this time Vraska!

After my Nicol Bolas fanart was one of the chossen ones at the Fanforge contest at Forfansbyfans.com, the deadline was extended. So I decided to give it another shot. The Golgari Queen and Planeswalker Vraska was next on my list of Magic cool but no so often depicted characters. I’m not talking much about her pirate looks, but the queen ones. There are really great artworks of her. Sadly, it didn’t make it into the finals, and no merch with it will be available. Might be true that green covers don’t sell books. Anyway, I did it just to get noticed by the Wizards of the Coast judges. Not even to win the prizes. I was really happier with this one than with the Bolas one. But, it seems like I need to push my quality even further, in order to catch WotC art deptartment attention. It will come…

And dude, times suddenly went interesting…

I’m writting this on 4/15/20 and it’s a month after social isolation protocol in Spain. March was supposed to be the month I got my first card for a big international LCG game. Everything is on hold until further notice, and that includes publishing products. Luckyly I’m still painting for a “new” rpg game on the works, thanks to the folks at Ulisses Spiele. And since I’m not much able to paint just for fun, I decided to do some colour fixes on the Vraska fanart piece, and upload here and there.

As always, I write the quick reminder: you can reach me through the form inside my CONTACT page for any biz related questions!

Stay safe folks! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists! specially now! Let’s see how long is this shit going to last.