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Vampire paintings

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A few weeks back, I was watching some educational videos I purchased from several top figures in the industry. And I realized the silliest concept ever. That was what made me work on these Vampire paintings. It turns out, I was preventing myself of doing things while painting. Without going into much detail, I tend to force myself into imaginative painting. Avoiding references, and techniques, just because it semmed like “cheating”. Focusing on visual memory and hand-painted materials. That’s what lead me into the main topic for these last personal paintings. Seeing these state of the art most prominent figures, using many different techniques to achieve the desired results… it made a crack on my head.

A male and a female vampire pics

A vampire lady about to regenerate

So I made previous Lizard Court piece. And then, having even more fun, finishing them faster, and feeling better with the results, pushed me to paint these next pics.

See… Time passes by, and so much of it without achieving any important milestone makes the journey a hard one. I decided to enjoy this boost of freedom.

A vampire with a sword

This couple of vampire paintings are, of course, not free from the mercyless critic eye I get over them after a few days. Now I spot the usual amount of mistakes. And though it might seem like I ended up at the starting point, this time it doesn’t feel that way.

A bit faster, with a little bit of more quality, and more enjoyable all the way. I think I’ll call it a win. XD

If you are interested on my pics processes, you should definetely check my Instagram Account. That’s the place for process stills and vids.

I already have another one in mind, but it’ll have to wait for now. Got some big pics in the works for my customers.

Long live and prosper!