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New Vampire painting in gallery

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A vampire noble lady

I was on daily practice and a new Vampire painting appeared.

Just scratching the tablet as usual, and this lady came up. It’s not common for me to keep the good feelings on a pic until the very end, but it happened this way. And what’s more important, a second pic I’ll upload soon. A classic Elric piece I made as fluent and nice as almost never do. And this time got two conscutive paintings! 

This painting process was great indeed. 

I hope that even knowing at some point the streak will have to end, the little things learned from it will stay. Upcoming fantasy pic seems like so. A couple more battles against values and colour schemes on my pocket thanks to this vampire painting. At this point I still like the visible brush strokes and light on the figure. As I wrote, I reach the dislike point before completion on most of the paintings. That’s why I’m so glad with it. This time it didn’t. XD 

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