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The Lizard court fantasy painting

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A fantasy picture of a lizard for something completely different… 

It’s been a while since last post on the site, thanks of having regular works incoming. I’ve painted a ton of artwork but it will have to wait for their respective products to be out. Most of those last pieces are on a painterly-colourful style by request, and wasn´t able to try the educational stuff I got my hands into lately. So, in between commission briefings I took the time to give a try to some techniques I know for so long, but I was holding back. On those resources I realized some insights about not keeping any tools in the bag when trying to achieve the desired results.

Starting a pic as a portrait, and ended as a full piece with a lizard

Fantasy painting of a woman and a lizardman

That was the plan. Just a floating head on a grey canvas, and play around with it just to measure how much quality and time it gets.

The plot thickens on the painting…

However, it was fast. And It looked good. The next batch of illustrations from central command (a.k.a my art director) were still on their way… Only one way to go, I resized canvas and started building a body, and eventually, a background. That was the hard part, because I had no plan in mind. No, artist piece of wisdom or emotions on the horizon. Not even a OC planned with some sort of setting for it.

Thoughts turned to animals, maybe a companion. Then “why not a lizard?”, and then… well, “why just a plain lizard?” and the rest is on the painting. “The lizard court” fantasy painting.

That’s it, no more reasons. I just wanted to. And it turned out so nicely, I already have another one in the works. This time a male vampire, but it has to wait until next hole in scheduled works.

Long live and prosper!