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Spider chimera scene

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Spider blessing

A new pic done, with some sort of a spider

I’ve been working into some pictures for a big CCG lately. But like many commissions like those, They are planned with a loooong advance. This pic was just something to practice more of everything. Anatomy, strokes, lights… Needed something to keep galleries and social accounts fed with fresh content. It was going to be just a female figure, but like almost everytime I start with no course planned, it ended up into something a bit different. Mixing it up with a spider seemed a nice combination, and now I have a spider chimera on my bag.

A spider blessing.

It seems like, for some comments received, there is a big bunch of arachnophobic people out there. So, again, I made my work unintentionally unappealing to some audience. That and the “pre-censorship” I applied with the silky cloth may have played against it. But keeping social accounts and galleries under their own terms and conditions is a must. If you don’t want to get them shut down. 

It’s been an incredibly easy coming piece. And it’s more or less close to initial idea.  As always, hope you like this spider chimera, and remember, you can write through the form in my CONTACT page for any questions! 

Have a nice one folks!