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Saber Arturia Pendragon

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Saber Altria fanart by kamyu

More fanart, time for Saber Arturia! 

Thanks to one of my art directors, I’m lucky to have pieces to work on. However, the style those pics need made me want to paint something on my usual darker and less saturated style. If you can call it so. Again, I jumped over the tablet and choose to paint a non-anime version of the saber character on the Fate/Stay Night series, Altria (or Arturia) Pendragon, from the Fate/Stay Night anime series. Something simple to have fun while painting it. And in the process, force myself to boost brightness and work on colours.  

Times are still interesting, for now…

As of June first of 2020, everything is still a mess worldwide. But my first cards for Legend of the five rings lcg are coming out in a couple of days and next month. I really want my copies to arrive! That’s why I couldn’t have a break from painting between commissions, and slashed the tablet with this one. Sadly I made Altria fanart on a couple of mornings… Now I think I’ll wait for some more actual work. ^_^’

As always i write the quick reminder: you can reach me through the form inside my CONTACT page for any biz related questions! (I’m thinking on a retake on the Twitch tv channel. Got to found out some issues)

Stay safe! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists! specially now! They’ll be grateful for sure.