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Red dragon in da house! “Chasing Red”

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Red dragon

Red Dragon wide pic! A classic kind of the creature (not a lame dog-like wyvern).

I’m in between some surgeries I need these days. Nothing serious. Sadly, that’s the reason not to stream the process for last pieces. Though, I hope to be streaming again soon. And now the red dragon…

I had the urge to paint something really wide for the portfolio. And…


I have Been improving this year on big mistakes on my workflow. And that pushed me to try my luck with a brighter and harder saturated image. That said, a red dragon seemed nice for the task. Likewise, I gave background a soft desert scene for contrast…  and because I a have some grey day tendencies. XD 

Not a big victory in technical terms, but quite happy with the result. Also, maybe coincidence, got my second email to work for a big game franchise when I was uploading it to my social networks. Couldn’t have been better. Therefore, I’ll keep on chasing the value grail next time. 

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