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Post apocalyptic future piece

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Post apocalyptic future

A new science fiction pic!

Some weeks ago, I was in need to switch from some very fantasy themed pieces just because, and while some more are on its way. So this picture appeared from the rough idea of painting  something rusty, dirty and post apocalyptic future piece. It is a pic for fun, without any pressure or shame of covering characters with masks and huge raincoats. 

Less cyber than punk, just sci-fi.

Cyberpunk has always been my favourite setting, but somehow I always fell into sword and sorcery. Maybe beacuse it’s “my thing”, I put myself under higher expectations. Have more unfinished pieces from the future than from stories of swords and dragons. And, now as I think of it, it could be I’m a bit tired of last years’ (maybe decades) of “just-cyber-not-punk-at-all” fiction.  Seems like Cyber side took over, and now it’s all gadgets, shiny objects and lens flares. Post apocalyptic future seem to be the last reduct of good ol’ scifi.

As I said, fun and dirty. Like everything that’s really good in life. 😉 As always, hope you like it, and remember, you can write through my CONTACT page, for any biz related questions! 

Have a nice day!