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Nicol Bolas MTG fanart

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Nicol Bolas MTG fanart kamyu digital illustration

Nicol Bolas MTG fanart

Uploading Magic the Gathering fanart!


The Planeswalker Nicol Bolas!

I made this MTG CCG Fan art on my  Twitch Painting Channel 

I did this pic there as another full process painting video. Actually, three videos. Just look for the previous video archive, and you’ll find there the Nicol Bolas MTG fanart.

I never been into Magic cards. It started on mid-90’s when I was a kid, but never had money for CCG. The game hit hard on schools back then, and many of my schoolmates played, but sadly not me. A few years later, (maybe decades… sigh I’m old…) artworks on the cards really got a huge boost. And as every artist out there knows, publish for MTG is a big milestone in this working field. I followed how it evolved through years, and I’m still working every day to get there.  

Anyway, it was on MTG Arena launch where I have been able to learn the game since it’s free-to-play.  As I said, it took me about 25 years to get into the mechanics. ^_^’ 

So I decided to take a shot into one of Magic most famous characters, dragon god and planeswalker, Nicol Bolas. It has quite a peculiar design, specially the goblinesque face. But shapes are cool, and it is a real dragon. Not one of those fancy mainstream wyverns. (Used to like them, but now they’re more common than katanas on blockbusters) Anyway, I hope you like it!