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Mononoke Fanart this way comes

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Hum…. a Mononoke Hime Fanart suddenly appears!

Yup, it is. I was finishing last commissions in the queue, and a couple of nights ago, saw Monoke Hime film again. I didn’t have any Studio Ghibli fanart, so I started painting randomly and come to this one in just two mornings.

Pushing fanart pics for SEO’s sake (part II or whatever)

In order to have more visitors into site and media, some sacrifices had to be done to the gods of seo.  For a painting portfolio, it’s fanart or nudes. I’m still trying to avoid the european art cliché.  Just a tad. So, as the beloved streaming platform (wink,wink) suggested me to revisit Princess Mononoke, I made this pic .

Funny thing was, I left my battle against values aside, focusing into achieving a simpler, less baroque piece. And failed…. XD  I got better values but wasn’t able to keep it simple.   Good thing is I enjoyed it for real. Fast, easy and feeling the urge to sit and paint again.

Since I took some process stills of this Mononoke fanart, I’m uploading here a mosaic featuring them. 😉

Mononoke fanart process

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Have a nice one folks! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists!