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Miss Fortune fanart under tower!

I never been much into League of legends, but i really like all the artwork and world building from Riot crew. Miss f. is one of the few characters I’ve played with and she’s fun indeed. I’ve been working lately into some works I do like but under the typical nda contract. So, I have not much to show online these days. With all assignments delivered, and a bit of time for more personal practicing, I chose this character for a start.

Miss Fortune fanart league of legends kamyu digital illustration Carlos Díaz Porfolio
Miss Fortune

This Miss Fortune fanart was fun to paint, With almost no blocks or struggling. But then the posting day recheck came, and so the brightness/saturation horrors. I replaced my old drawing tablet with a unexpensieve, but brand new screen tablet. I have to say I was fearing trouble switching from one type of device to another. It didn’t happen. It’s faster, and better in almost every sense. Except… it is another display. DIfferent in gamut and panel tech. My main monitor doesn’t match any close to it, or my phone or any other one. It’s really a depressive coming and going of fixing-export file-check-repeat. I hope to solve this situation soon. anyway…

I wanted a slightly dark realistic look to the character. In my opinion, it stood a bit too much into its original design. Better luck next time, I guess.  As always, i hope you like this Miss Fortune fanart, and remember, you can write through the form in my CONTACT page for any questions! 

Have a nice one folks!