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Legend of the Five Rings cards!

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L5R card "Return from shadows"

My first couple of L5R LCG CARDS. 

Time to share my first couple of pictures I made for the l5r Living card game from Fantasy Flight games. I don’t upload until now, because I wanted to be 100% sure the products are available for a reasonable amount of time. nda contract is on the table, as you might have deduct, since FFG is one the biggest and well known game companies. I was really excited to work for this IP I used to know so well, almost 20 years back as a player.

"Butcher of the Fallen" L5R card
L5R Butcher of the Fallen

Again, the 2020 “thingy” got something to say about my Legend of the Five Rings cards…

And so it happended for my pics as well. My first two pieces for Legend of the Five Rings card game were delayed several months, like any other product. I even had to wait for them to be released separately into two different expansion sets. As of now September 17, I only have the first one, “Butcher of the fallen” as my first ever artist copy. I really want to get my hands on the second one, “Return from Shadows”. (I like it a little bit more) These deserve a small frame on the wall or something. Even with my usual fistful of weird shit happening. (They do have a typo on my name… d’oh!) You can check them, and take a look at their in-game edit HERE.

It took me around a decade…

but now, I’m featured on one of those games I spent so much time reading. I still have a ton of books of the first Legend of the Five Rings rpg. tough I didn’t played/mastered as much as I would have liked . almost have a stroke when I got the email, asking me to be part of the crew commissioned to paint those pieces.

And as this came together so well (with more in the way waiting for publishing), I’m working my fingers to the bone. In order to get better, become more recurrent and have more pics inside their IP’s. With an eye always on the WotC magic milestone. 😉

the quick reminder, again: you can reach me through the form inside my CONTACT page for any biz related questions! I’m still far from getting a living by painting, and tough I do have commissioned work from other companies, I’m far from having all my time reserved.

So, Long live and prosper! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists! specially now! They’ll be grateful for sure.