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Jinx Lol Fanart and quick update!!

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LOL JINX FANART kamyu digital illustration

A League of legends fan art


Jinx Lol fanart thru the Bot-lane!


Just fixed some gallery page issues. 

It was just some setting preventing Gallery to show all the pics inside. But I took the chance to upload something else. This time, a LoL Jinx Fanart.

I did this Jinx Lol fanart pic for my Twitch Painting Channel. That means you can watch there full process videos right there, real time and uncut. Just look for the previous streams archive.

I’m not a usual Lol player. I have a few hours only, but love the art Riot and their artists make for it. And I was curious as well. I wanted to know how the game works, and why it has so many players and hype on e-sports. Sadly there are lots of stuff I need to know to really enjoy the game. I wish I had more time to get into it. ? 

Anyway, I might take another shot. Jinx design and psyche are awesome, and I want to make a pic closer to my usual style, because this one fell too much into its original look.