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Hexxen 1733 illustration !

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Hexxen 1733 spies

A picture from last Hexxen 1733 Rpg books!

Finally I got permission to show some art I made for the Hexxen 1733 roleplaying books. These german traditional pena and paper rpg books, are a really fun to illustrate. Lots of witches on many different ways. And even some action scenes. 

Books seem to be doing great on an audience level, at least on crowdfunding campaigns. People at Ulisses Spiele seem to like the result as well, and that’s the main goal.

A fantasy spy scene on the XVIII century.

So, it may not be the most spectacular piece I made for this set of books, but I really like the way this one came together. I had this plan of a more indoor scene, but i really like the way both characters look, and how they match their original concepts. I have to say this period of history is not one my favourites, but the fantasy twist the game has is really cool. 

There’re more to come. All the hours invested on this project are rewarding on several ways. The improvement on painting itself it’s the most important one, must say. 😉 As always, hope you like it, and remember, you can write through my CONTACT page, for any biz related questions! 

Have a nice day!