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Fantasy WereTiger Companion

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Painting of a blind woman with his weretiger companion

Luckyly my painting queue has lots of pics from my main patron Ulisses Spiele. That makes time an issue when trying to have personal pieces for the ever-hungry social media. However, I managed to paint this one whit a fantasy weretiger on a quick time-off while waiting for my art director reviews.

Painting of a blind woman with his weretiger companion

80’s Fantasy weretiger and the mood of an obvious film set

Why a fantasy weretiger? Everybody has the goosebumps for the fiction we used to get into when we were young. Those TV sets, with their unique light and excessive artificial mist are the ones I remember with a tender feeling. Fragle Rock is the clearer example that comes into my mind.

Half light, incomprehensible smoke, the evergrey palette… even those fake stone pillards grab my attention as something more real than the best CGI. Maybe that’s why I try on my pics to avoid hard light and always look for (and never achieveing) the diffused and soft one.

As a confidence, I consider my biggest mistake the use of an overexposed and higly contrasted value range. Something on my brain tends to shift the highlights and darken the shadows… Sometimes I realize soon enough to correct it, but most of the time I fail miserably. ^_^’

Weretiger and blind woman fantasy painting closer shot

Anyway, I’m quite happy with this one (for now) It almost feels like one of those cheap tv sets of old. Even if this one had very little attention and feeedback on social networks, as most of my pics do. Who cares… So this time, I’m adding a closer shot of the character portraits.

Live long and prosper!