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Cyborg in a rose field - Kamyu Digital artworks
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Cyborg in a rose field

A cyborg woman on a rose field
Rose Field

Painting cyborgs is something I have to keep on my personal pics at the moment.

Most of my job pieces belong to the fantasy-sort-of field, and those pics have the highest priority for obvious reasons. Work always comes first.

Also, I have to admit I tend to fall into fantasy pics more often, because I feel them in the same page as my workflow. Man-made elements require a bit more planning and precision. Honestly, when painting for myself, I like to start without a traced path. Just pasting strokes on top of others, over and over… It helps me to have some break from painting to bring someone other’s ideas to life.

However, I still like best the cyborg stuff, and all that comes with cyberpunk (I mean True cyberpunk. I wrote about it on a previous post) and I take advantage of any chance to paint such things. This one began very clearly on a single session, but commissions came and I had to put it on the WIP list for about 40 days. Right after I finished a job batch of pics. Then I retook it, and it was finished on a couple of sessions. Fun to do, but a little bit out of focus at the end. Anyway, enough to reset my mind on science fiction before a new squad of fantasy pieces arrive.

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Until next post!