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Kamyu’s Gallery

This is the Carlos Díaz art depot. Well… Call it gallery, call it portfolio… Fantasy and science fiction pics of mine anyway.

Here’re some samples of my digital painting works. A brief mixture of paintings done for several reasons. Commissioned pieces, made for fun, or just as practice… So, feel free to navigate trough the pictures below. 

Remember, you can reach me for commissions through the Contact page. 

Kamyu for ulisess spiele gmbh

Here are some samples of my work for Ulisses Spiele Gmbh, the German publishing company of roleplaying games. Hexxen1733 is a setting on the XVIII century, as its name suggest. A darker and grim version of that era on Europe. Mixing history with supernatural elements. Also, I’ve worked on the Fading Suns RPG. The new installment on the FS world, carried by the Ulisses International folks. A space-opera setting in contrast to the historical fantasy of Hexxen 1733.

Carlos díaz art for “Legend of the Five Rings” (l5R)

It’s great to have been part of a franchise I know for so long. I was more of the rpg player type than the card one, but being able to illustrate a part of Rokugan was huge! And My portfolio couldn’t be complete without them.

Carlos díaz pics for fun

What else to say. This were done just because I wanted to. XD

Fan Art by kamyu

Sometimes I do fanart just for the fun of doing it. It serves as some sort of promotion, and it’s always fun. Since I’m the one choosing the character.

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