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Nicol Bolas over citadel fanart again!

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bolas over citadel merch

Yay! bolas over citadel for the Fanforge MTG contest!

People at For Fans by fans sent me this message past year. I think because of the previous MTG fanart I made. They advertise me about the WIzards official contest. A way to have a piece licensed on merchandise. So, i painted a new version of Nicol bolas, with a bit more work on it than the speedpainting I made for the stream. You can find that one at the gallery.  “Bolas over citadel” is the title. Click the link or look for it at the FFBF store!


One of my pics printed on merch. For sale for the first time!

To be honest, the merch was not the point, but to be noticed by the judges. the People at Wizards of the coast. At least one more shot to add to the traditional portfolio sending. When 2019 was about to end, For fans by fans folks wrote me to ask for some revisions in size, because the pic was selected. I did it, and they told me the contest was extended and I had the chance to submit more pieces. That’s when I painted the Vraska pic you might have seen at my social networks. (I’ll upload it here at some point). No news about it for now. But I’m proud of it, even if it doesn’t reach store or catch the Wizards art directors.  For now, here is the Planeswalker Nicol Bolas over citadel.

Anyway, I’m advertising the merchandise ’cause you know, everything helps when trying to live from art 😉

As always i write the quick reminder: you can reach me through the form inside my CONTACT page for any questions!

Have a nice one folks! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists!