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Caribbean coast with pirate ship

Carlos díaz

Preferences may change while growing up, and mental health is priceless. I’m a digital painter, without formal education on art, focusing on Concept art and Illustration. But I’ve spent more than 10 years learning to paint by painting. And half of that time between books and other resources, to acquire some knowledge on the subject.  

My everyday goal is to make every single piece better than the previous one, at least on a small single feature. Fantasy, Science fiction and horror themes are the fields I am most comfortable with. Because those were the kind of worlds we “old-school” nerds used to spend our time in while growing up.

Now I work for some of the best selling publishers on game industry. Both traditional tabletop and digital games. Mainly for the german publishing company, Ulisses Spiele Gmbh.

Sometimes I provide illustration and concept art for private customers as well.

Carlos Diaz - Kamyu Photo
fantasy flight games logo


Would you mind to share your <insert any software tool>?

I use standard tools provided by the apps I work on most of the time. If not, they’re not mine to share.
Search a bit over the web and you’ll find them.
The ones I made for me, are just for single use, and I don’t save them.
(I don’t want to use the same look on every piece over and over again).

Are you available for commission?

Check current status next to menu bar. But if I’m not, don’t hesitate to ask or get in queue at my CONTACT page!

I have a project in mind and I want you to work for free, are you in?

Sigh… NO. Never again.

What is ethical Marketing?

Learn more here (in spanish).

If you want to ask about the way I paint, the best place is my TTV channel