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A new Fantasy Angel picture

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Fantasy angel

A new Fantasy Angel Pic

A Fantasy Angel piece


Had to work on some site improvements so… I uploaded a new pic.

It started as another study pic on my TTV channel. Then it turned out nicely into something worth sharing.

I did this Fantasy Angel piece for my Twitch Painting Channel again. Streaming started randomly applying strokes as almost always. But with a colour scheme in mind, and my nemesis in front of me. Those damned high contrast values… Man, how I hate ’em… I know that particular flaw of mine from a long time, but it appears suddenly like a ninja on the late moments of a pic development. It’s a trap I constantly fall into. Just when it spoils the picture and it’s almost impossible to fix. Dropped a lot of files into recycle bin because of that. 

This time, (and that’s the reason to upload this study) I kept the enemy on a leash. Most of it… So it doesn’t have lots of detail, but it’s light and clean for my average work. Achieving small victories does matter. 

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