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A Cyberpunk OC

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Concrete cyberpunk oc painting

Not a fanart this time, trying a cyberpunk oc 

Luckily, I’ve been busy painting for some rpg books, But, here and there I made some time to paint something just to feed my site and social networks. And more important, switching a bit from whatever setting I’m working in. I thought it could be a good time to get into the cyberpunk mess, now that the cd project red game is almost here. So, I tried to more or less develop a cyberpunk OC of mine. It was nice to apply recent improvements into a scifi setting, and make a subtle atatement about this genre I love the most. And who doesn not like a weaponed cyborg?

Concrete cyberpunk oc 1

Interesting times for the years cyberpunk fiction talked about

Here it is, August 2020. And we’re still dealing with “The Thing”. No flying cars, or martian colonies. But riots, explosions, and lab racing to a vaccine they are. With these couple of pics about a cyborg woman OC as the subject, I also wanted to make my statement into the underrated side of Punk into Cyberpunk. BAck in the early days of it, there was no need to. But nowadays the term get used for the most aesthetically pleasing side of just “cyber”. Gadgets, displays, and comfy lifestyles took over every scifi piece. The gritty, dirty and abandoned places and characters are very rare to see on movies and videogames. Just saying…^_^’ (I love lonely and massive concrete buildings)

the quick reminder, As always: you can reach me through the form inside my CONTACT page for any biz related questions! (the retake on the Twitch tv channel is getting closer. But I need some ass kicking on my own butt. Recent online con experience was very discouraging)

Long live and prosper! And remember to toss a coin to your favourite artists! specially now! They’ll be grateful for sure.