Being a computer geek most of my life, I decided to move from my career as a future IT nerd to the art world. Preferences may change while growing up. I’m a fully self-taught artist focusing on Concept art and Illustration. My main goal is to make every single piece better than the previous one.


Wulven Studios

Parhelia Games


Ulisses Spiele

Hydra Publications

Book authors like Raven & Lain Bower, Alexandria Smith, Zenay Bekele or Derrick Black


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Would you mind to share your <insert any software tool>? – I use standard tools provided by the apps I work on most of the time. If not, they’re not mine to share. Search a bit over the web and you’ll find them. The ones I made for me, are just for single use, and I don’t save them. (I don’t want to use the same look on every piece over and over again).

Are you available for commission? – Check the bottom of the page.

I have a project in mind and I want you to work for free, are you in? – Sigh… NO. Never again.